CS&S Employee Resources

Last updated: Apr 22, 2024

Key resources for employees of CS&S and fiscally sponsored projects.


CS&S Policy
CS&S Employee Handbook

This resource contains company-wide policies applicable to all employees of CS&S. 

CS&S Policy
Benefits and Compensation Guide

A reference for CS&S employees and fiscally sponsored project leadership teams to understand benefits programs, billing procedures, and compensation policies at CS&S.

CS&S Policy
Parental Leave Guide

This guide is intended to support CS&S employees in understanding the applicable policies and processes required to take a paid leave in the event of the birth or placement of a new child.

CS&S Policy
Workplace Accommodation Request Guide

A workplace accommodation is a modification or adjustment to a job position, work environment or workplace process that helps to provide equal employment opportunities to individuals with a disability or other need.

This policy includes an overview as well as process information regarding how to request a workplace accommodation.

CS&S Documentation
Holiday Closure Dates

The Company observes a specified number of holidays per year, currently 16 days, where team members can expect that most other employees and core staff are off.


Ramp User Guide

Instructions for requesting a card, submitting reimbursements and receipts, using your card and more.

CS&S Policy
Expense and Credit Card Policies

These policies govern the reimbursement of travel, entertainment and other business expenses as well as how to use company credit cards properly and know the responsibilities that come with use of a company credit card.


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