Holiday Closure Dates

Last updated: Nov 20, 2023

The Company observes a specified number of holidays per year, currently 17 days, where team members can expect that most other employees and core staff are off.

To seamlessly process operations requests ahead of the 2023 Winter Break dates please note the following timelines:

  • Tues, Dec 5: Last day to submit invoices and reimbursement requests to be paid before end of calendar year

  • Thur, Dec 7: Last day to request new contracts, grants, offer letters, employee status or compensation changes.
    • Any compensation changes or backdated employee payments for the 2023 tax year submitted after Dec 7 will be subject to a 15% tax liability and require a W2C to be issued.
  • Thur, Dec 21: Last day CS&S is open for 2023

  • Mon, Dec 25 - Mon, Jan 1: CS&S is closed

  • Tues, Jan 2, 2024: CS&S resumes normal business

CS&S will be closed for the following 2024 holiday dates:

  • January 1: New Year’s Day

  • January 15: Martin Luther King Day

  • May 27: Memorial Day

  • June 19: Juneteenth

  • July 4: Independence Day

  • September 2: Labor Day

  • October 14: Indigenous Peoples’ Day

  • November 5: Election Day

  • November 28: Thanksgiving

  • November 29: Thanksgiving Friday

  • December 23-31: Winter Break 

  • Personal Floating Holiday (1)

Because time off is unlimited, no one is required to take these specific days off and may elect to observe other days appropriate to their community.

Events and team member out of office dates: CS&S holds an annual all hands team retreat of 2-3 days, during which time responses may be slowed. Our partners will be given a month of notice of this retreat and provided special triage details to be sure that urgent items are managed before and during the retreat.

It is expected that team members will notify their projects, collaborators, and partners of upcoming vacations as early as possible, and will always share information on who will serve as point of contact should urgent issues arise. When a team member is out of the office for any reason, their workload will always be delegated to other team members.

To stay in the loop on office closures and core team out of office dates, subscribe to the CS&S Events & Holidays Calendar. This calendar automatically pings to the CS&S Slack channel #announcements


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