CS&S Employee Handbook


Table of Contents

Introduction: Page 2

International Employees Based at Employers of Record: Page 2

Employment At-Will: Page 2

Conflict of Interest Policy: Employees: Page 3

Performance Evaluations: Page 3

Payment of Wages: Page 4

Equal Employment Opportunity: Page 5

Commitment to Diversity: Page 5

CS&S Commitment to Meaningful Equity and Inclusive Organizational Practices: Page 6

Prohibition Against Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace: Page 6

Prohibition Against Retaliation in the Workplace: Page 8

Religious Accommodation: Page 9

Complaint Reporting Procedure: Page 10

Unlimited Vacation and Sick Leave Policy: Page 11

Compensatory Time: Page 11

Holidays in the Context of Unlimited Vacation and Sick Leave: Page 12

Parental Leave: Page 12

Process Requirements: Page 13

Benefits Continuation: Page 14

Bereavement Leave: Page 15

Jury Duty Leave: Page 15

Other Leaves of Absence: Page 16

Travel and Expense Reimbursement Policy: Page 16

Credit Card Policy: Page 19

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