We envision a future where research, data, and tech initiatives shift power to communities. 

We work for this future through programs centered on social infrastructure in research and technology.

Our strategy

We promote technology initiatives that are equitable, open-source, and sustainable to advance global access to information.

Our mission

We work to advance the power of data to improve the social and economic lives of all people through public education, scientific research, and technology development and deployment.

Our work aims to improve the public’s ability to find, collect, and share the open data they use to make more informed decisions in the benefit of the public interest.

Our mission steers CS&S to examine the context surrounding how data can “improve the social and economic lives of all people through public education, scientific research, and technology development and deployment.”

Through engagement with ideas and conversations around data, our mission guides how we engage with data, research, education, and tech communities, including people who have been historically excluded from these fields.

Today we interpret the public interest framing of our mission as an opportunity to invest in and partner with projects that shift power to those who have been historically excluded from technology and science.

We recognize the limitations of data and technology to improve the lives of all people, especially when data are collected, education conducted, and technology developed through processes that reflect societal white supremacy. To support researchers exploring equitable data and technology, we pay special attention to community-centered projects and the power of governance.

We work with initiatives that partner data, research, and technology with community, governance, and equity to make knowledge and knowledge production more accessible.

By partnering with collaborators in scientific research, open data, data science, AI and machine learning, free/libre/open source software, open access, open scholarship, and digital infrastructure, we aim to advance equitable access to knowledge and education.

To support work in our mission area, we also partner with nonprofits, funders, universities, and other stakeholders to explore community governance, develop participatory funding programs, and explore new ways to centering power in communities.

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