Hiring Checklist

Last updated: Feb 15, 2024

The CS&S FSP Management and Operations teams are available to support your project with hiring guidance and the administration of an applicant tracking system. At a minimum, all projects are required to complete the following steps as a part of any hiring process:

  • Submit your job posting to fsp at codeforsociety.org for approval prior to posting, to ensure HR compliance. Postings must include an explicit salary range.
    • Upon approval, your FSP manager will post your job on the CS&S website.
      • If you are using the Greenhouse ATS, requesting approval is contained within the job set-up process in the platform.

      • For more sensitive postings, jobs can be posted to the #css-employees Slack channel in satisfaction of state labor law compliance requirements.

      • It is recommended, but not required, that you share your job post in the #jobs-and-opportunities Slack channel.

  • Maintain records on job applicants. Hiring records do not need to follow a particular format, but must remain accessible to CS&S for up to 3 years.
    • It is recommended, but not required, that you conduct reference checks prior to making an offer (for guidance on this, consult your FSP manager).

    • To request benefits information for a potential US hire, provide fsp at codeforsociety.org with their home zip code.

  • For US hires, provide at least 7 business days between the date of the offer letter and the employee’s start date, to ensure timely onboarding.

    • In instances where the offer is a matter of urgency (for example: the candidate has multiple competing offers) project leaders may send an informal offer email, prior to the official offer letter sent by CS&S, to make their intent to hire clear.

  • To send an offer letter: submit the candidate’s name, email address, job title, full job description, including the team member this position reports to, salary, designation (full-time/40 hour basis or part-time/_# hour basis) and desired start date to fsp at codeforsociety.org.
    • Your FSP manager will proceed to send an official CS&S offer letter to the candidate and CS&S Executive Director for signing.

    • Upon signing, the CS&S operations team will proceed with TriNet/Remote-onboarding and right-to-work checks.

Exceptional cases:

  • If you are hiring for the executive level/top tier project director position, you must seek approval from your advisory committee in order to extend an offer. All other hires are authorized by either the project director or leadership team.

  • If you are considering a non-US hire, notify fsp at codeforsociety.org as soon as possible to address pertinent timeline, budget and benefits considerations for their country of location.


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