How to request a compensation change

  • If your team member is an employee, the project director must send a compensation change request to fsp at that includes:
    • New compensation amount

    • Effective date
      • While we do our best to process changes in time for the next payroll cycle, processing is subject to payroll submission deadlines and it can take up to 2 cycles for compensation changes and retro-pay to be processed for US employees.

      • Note that timelines and restrictions vary for international employees.

  • If your team member is a contractor, contact fsp at to request a contract amendment.
    • Be sure to include any additional terms from the original contract that require updating.

Exceptional cases:

  • For US employees, check before attempting compensation changes for the previous calendar year. Compensation changes requested retroactively for a previous calendar year (i.e. a change requested in January for an effective date in December) are subject to a 15% tax liability and require a W2C to be issued. Timelines and restrictions vary for international employees.

  • Before discussing backdating of compensation changes 2 months or more with employees , request pre-approval from CS&S.

  • If applicable, note any changes to weekly hours, job title, job responsibilities and/or funding allocation.

  • Compensation changes for executive level/top tier project director positions require documentation of approval from your advisory board.