Job Posting Template

Last updated: Feb 2, 2023

This template generates the job posting content that will be posted on the jobs section of the CS&S website, and is meant to be an easy read. A more detailed job description can be linked from the post or made available upon request.

Code for Science & Society (CS&S) is a US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit supporting open collaboration in public interest technology through fiscal sponsorship and other programs supporting sustainable open source. We envision a future where communities build technology infrastructure that reflect their values. We work for this future by running a Sponsored Project Program where fiscal sponsorship is bundled with strategic support and a Collaborative Communities program that seeks to bring transparency to the public interest tech ecosystem.

We are looking for a [ADJECTIVES] [ROLE] to join our [DEPARTMENT] team. As a member of our 100% remote workspace, an ideal candidate is [EX: an organized, autonomous worker who is communicative and strategic when collaborating with colleagues and stakeholders: the members of CS&S core staff, CS&S Advisory board, and FSP teams].

If you are interested in the position but not sure you meet all qualifications as described, we still encourage you to apply! While it is not necessary to have experience in the public interest technology sector, we are seeking someone with a meaningful connection to the CS&S mission.

[IF APPLICABLE: Please note that our hiring process for this position will have a quick turnaround, with a desired start date in [DATE RANGE]. [HIRING PROCESS DETAILS, EX: Applicants who progress to our first round will be invited to submit written responses to screening questions, which will be followed by a second and final round of longer, virtual interviews with members of our team. If you have any questions on the application form or hiring process, or would like to request access accommodations, please contact [HIRING CONTACT].

Key Responsibilities:

What we’re looking for:

What we value:

  • Addressing systemic inequality. We exist in a time and place in our world where vast systemic inequality has been brought to the fore through Black Lives Matter, the COVID-19 Pandemic, and Climate Change. With the inability for many opt-out, we must consider how our day-to-day work furthers these inequalities. CS&S’s approach is detailed in our Commitment to Meaningful Equity and Inclusive Organizational Practices

  • Sustainability. Because we anticipate periods of higher workload (hello November & December!), we aim for a baseline of 75%-80% workload. We also want to ensure everyone has someone who can cover their tasks while they are out of office

  • Boundaries around work and life. We schedule weekly Zoom-free days, and we help each other take time off to rest, reset and recharge

What we offer:

  • [SALARY] USD per year

  • Medical, dental, vision and life insurance

  • 401k with 4% employer match

  • Unlimited paid time off (we encourage a minimum of one week off per quarter for all employees)

  • Note: CS&S salaries are set at fixed levels based on the position's responsibility. This role is scoped as a [POSITION] level position, and compensation and promotion metrics are outlined in CS&S’s compensation and promotion philosophy documents, available upon request to [HIRING CONTACT].

To apply:

  • Submit an application through our portal [LINK]: Note that we will be accepting applications through [DEADLINE, OR ROLLING SUBMISSION DETAILS]

  • In your cover letter, please include [IF APPLICABLE]


Director of Human Resources

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