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Toolkit for Cross-Disciplinary Workshops (2022)

Blili-Hamelin, Borhane, Duckles, Beth M., & Monette, Marie-Ève
Last updated: Sep 8, 2022

This toolkit shares insights and strategies from Event Fund grantee, Open Post Academics who ran an Open Problem Workshop event series in 2021. The event series asked: "how might we help rethink how real world problems call for the expertise of PhDs from all fields?"

The group assembled a toolkit of nine activities and suggestions on how to facilitate those activities in an online, collaborative setting for those interested in hosting a cross-disciplinary workshop.

  • Blili-Hamelin, Borhane, Duckles, Beth M., & Monette, Marie-Ève. (2022). Toolkit for Cross-Disciplinary Workshops (Version 1). Zenodo.
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