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The latest news from the CS&S Event Fund. 

Jan 17, 2023

Developing Guidelines for Community Participation

As part of the Event Fund 2022 seminar series for grantees, CS&S convened an interactive workshop with Shannon Dosemagen on developing guidelines for community participation. Shannon led the group to reflect on and begin to articulate the values and practices they want to promote in their event (and what to do if those are breached).

Sep 22, 2022

Event Fund 2022 Impact Report Published

The newly published impact report from Event Fund details observed impacts of the Event Fund from the last two years including professional development of data science leaders, normalizing greater inclusivity for the benefit of the field, increased global perspectives in Open Data Science, and greater organizational capacity.

Jul 19, 2022

Welcoming New Event Fund Committee Members!

The CS&S Event Fund invests in emerging community leaders around the world to support the organizing of events that broaden participation in open data science. Our program aims to strengthen community-driven infrastructures for data science that shift power to historically marginalized communities.

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Jul 14, 2022

Aligning Event Goals with Activities: prompts & a worksheet

Have you ever attended a workshop intended for “networking and new relationship-building” only to get lectured at for hours? Have you attended a training and left without a clear idea of what you learned? This article, based on an interactive workshop facilitated by Dr. Beth Duckles for Event Fund grantees in May 2022, offers a start for answering this question. The post is accompanied by a worksheet to help you as you conceptualize and link your event goals and activities. Read on for actionable steps to support you as you conceptualize your next event!

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