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A community fund for open data science

Tackling the complex scientific challenges of the 21st century requires global, collaborative research networks with robust data science capacity. Data science community events are a key tool to build skills and networks.

People need money, time, and focused effort to build and sustain communities of practice with great events. This work is often under-resourced. 

The Event Fund, established in 2019, fills this gap in the current data science landscape. We offer grant funding to support events bundled with cohort-based networking and training for event organizers. Grantee organizers run impactful, inclusive events and build new connections around the world.

By investing directly in communities who seek to run inclusive events, the Event fund cultivates both data science skills and social infrastructure.

“The Event Fund is ahead of its time. I’ve been doing community work for so long and it has always been so hard to get even $500 for food for events, let alone fiscal support for organizer time. Support for events and organizer time is still so scarce and important.”

-2020 Event Fund grantee


Director of Programs
Senior Program Manager, Event Fund and Digital Infrastructure Incubator
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Director of Partnerships