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Event Fund grantees run inclusive data science community gatherings around the world. Through work with them, we gather and produce new knowledge about effective ways to build inclusive practices into events. Here we share resources related to running inclusive events, and CS&S's explorations into models of equitable, community-led grant-making.

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Event Fund Impact Report (2020-2022)

This impact report submitted to the Moore Foundation in August 2022 details the observed impacts of the Event Fund from 2020-2022.

Crafting Guidelines for Community Participation

Examples of and resources for developing a code of conduct and other guidelines for community participation

Event Planning Resources

A curated list of event planning guides for in-person and virtual events

Worksheet for Aligning Event Goals with Activities

A worksheet to sketch linkages between event goals and activities in your upcoming event

Toolkit for Cross-Disciplinary Workshops (2022)

A toolkit of nine activities for those interested in hosting a cross-disciplinary workshop