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As a Community Advised Fund, members from the broader data science community direct the fund’s strategy and funding priorities. CS&S is excited to test how such participatory grant-making models can help shift and redistribute power.

The day-to-day operations of the Fund are managed by the CS&S programs team which includes Dr. Angela Okune and Miliaku Nwabueze. The governance, operations, and strategy of the Fund are overseen by an Advisory Committee composed of members recruited from mid to senior levels with complementary expertise and experiences in community organizing, data and information sciences, and fundraising. Event Fund grant funding decisions rest with the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee is composed of open data science champions with proven track records as strong community organizers who promote diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. Members serve for three selection cycles and receive an honorarium for their time.

To fill open positions on the committees, the Event Fund holds an open nomination period to invite new members to our committees.

Current Advisory Committee Members

Stefanie Butland, M.Sc., Openscapes

Robin Champieux, M.L.I.S., Director of Digital Scholarship and Research Engagement at Oregon Health and Science University (Committee Chair)

Chris Mentzel, M.Sc., Executive Director, Data Sciences, Stanford University Data Science Initiative

Dr. Malvika Sharan, Senior Researcher, The Alan Turing Institute, and Co-Director of Open Life Science

Dr. Raed Sharif, Senior Regional Manager, the SecDev Foundation

Former Advisory Committee Members

Dr. Joshua Greenberg, Director of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation's Digital Information Technology Program

Dr. Kari L. Jordan, Executive Director of The Carpentries

Dr. Micaela Parker, Executive Director for the Academic Data Science Alliance

Dr. Tracy Teal, Open Source Program Manager, RStudio

Current Selection Committee Members

  • Dr. Laura Ación, MetaDocencia
  • Gilbert Beyamba, Pollicy
  • Dr. Reina Camacho Toro, LA-CoNGA Physics / CNRS
  • Dr. Stephen Klusza, Clayton State University
  • Kathleen Siminyu, Masakhane Project / Mozilla Fellow
  • Dr. Angelique Trusler, The Carpentries
  • Dr. Lilly Winfree, (committee chair)

Former Selection Committee Members

  • Stefanie Butland, rOpenSci
  • Serah Rono, Spotify
  • Dr. Malvika Sharan, Open Life Science
  • Dr. Hao Ye, University of Florida