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Reproducibility, Big Data, and Data Sharing in Geomorphology

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Virtual event hosted by Queen Mary University of London, a 2020 Event Fund grantee. 

The field of geomorphology has seen a rapid expansion in the number and size of open access datasets, which require the application of computational and data science techniques. However, the principles of open data science and reproducibility are rarely discussed within our field, leading to potentially irreproducible research being placed at the heart of natural hazard planning and landscape management.

The aim of this event is to establish a community of practice around reproducible computational research in geomorphology, starting with a two-day online workshop providing discussion and networking opportunities for geomorphologists from a diverse range of career stages and backgrounds.

Participants are invited to attend keynote talks around four key themes and participate in brainstorming and discussion sessions following each talk. Following these brainstorming sessions, we will compile the most important points and takeaway messages. We aim to write a position paper on best practice in computational geomorphology, which all participants are invited to contribute to. Attendance by early career researchers is highly encouraged.

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Featured photo by Allison Wopata on Unsplash