Equipment Policy

Last updated: Apr 17, 2024


This policy governs the use of, and payment for, technology equipment (such as computers and accessories) required for business purposes by Code for Science and Society (CS&S). This policy addresses technology devices issued by CS&S and personal employee-owned devices used for business purposes.

CS&S is a nonprofit public charity. It conducts activities in furtherance of its mission, and the purchase of IT equipment will facilitate efforts toward fulfilling its mission goals and objectives. When purchasing equipment, an appropriate business purpose will support an employee’s efforts in fulfilling the mission of CS&S.


This policy applies to all technology equipment used by core staff employees of CS&S, whether personally-owned or company-owned.

Core staff includes operations and finance personnel, program staff, fiscally sponsored project program managers and coordinators, and Executive Director. Core staff does not include employees within the organization’s fiscally sponsored projects.

Fiscally sponsored projects may elect to adopt this policy. When a project adopts this policy, the terms of the policy apply to all technology equipment used by all full and part time employees of that project. Adoption and implementation of this policy at the project level is contingent upon availability of resources within project funding.

If a project does not elect to adopt this policy, then individuals employed by a fiscally sponsored project of CS&S are not included in this policy and should seek guidance from their project lead. Project employees will procure equipment in a manner that is consistent with department or program budget requirements.

Company-provided IT equipment

CS&S will issue devices to new employees upon hire, or replace aging equipment for current employees, up to $5,000 every three years. This includes:

  • Laptop computer

  • Keyboard and mouse

  • Cables

  • Headphones or headset

  • Mic/Camera, if not built-in to computer

  • External monitor, if not built-in to computer

  • Personal productivity software used only by employee (under $250 per year)

Costs in excess of $5,000 require justification and approval by the organization’s director, or project leader/advisory committee.

Additional equipment and services may be provided or reimbursed when needed for specific roles, with approval from employee’s direct supervisor or budget manager:

  • Printer

  • External monitor

  • Docking station

  • Whiteboard

  • Noise-canceling headphones

  • External webcam

  • Personal productivity software used by multiple employees or over $250 per year

  • Co-working space
    • It is anticipated that in the event that shared office space is needed, it is on a short-term basis (3 months or less). If long-term working accommodations are needed, an exception may be made.

The following items are not paid for or reimbursed by the company:

  • Home internet connection (whether ongoing service, upgraded service, or new service)

  • Cell phone device and monthly costs of phone plan

  • Increased utility expenses


CS&S Direct Procurement

The company will purchase equipment and ship it to the employee. The employee identifies equipment and accessories needed in order to perform business functions and informs their manager.

Employee Reimbursement

Alternatively, the employee can purchase IT equipment using their personal funds, and submit a request for reimbursement. All equipment spending must be attributed to the "[CS&S] Staff Equipment" limit in Ramp after a purchase is made. Purchases over $1,000 require approval from the employee’s direct manager to be eligible for technology reimbursement.

Company Credit Card

Employees that hold a CS&S provided credit card may purchase equipment using the card. All equipment spending must be attributed to the "[CS&S] Staff Equipment" limit in Ramp after a purchase is made. Purchases over $1,000 require approval from the employee’s direct manager prior to purchase.


Equipment purchased using CS&S funds is owned by the company. Upon termination of employment, the exit arrangement will specify a return of equipment, employee buy back at current market value, or other transfer of ownership for computers (desktops, laptops or tablets) 6 months of age or less.

To facilitate the return of company-owned equipment upon termination, the company will provide shipping labels and an itemized list of all assets to be returned.

Equipment purchased using federal funding may have purchasing, ownership, and management conditions that differ from the general guidance provided here. Consult your federal award terms and conditions to understand compliance around equipment purchased using federal funds.

Items not provided

Office supplies are generally not provided by the company, but departments may choose to provide:

  • Printer supplies such as paper and ink

  • Paper, pens, stickies, etc

Home office furniture for remote work is generally not provided by the company. Exceptions can be made with approval by employee’s direct manager, to address ergonomic concerns, including:

  • Office chairs

  • Laptop stands

  • Desks and standing desk converters

Employee-owned equipment

New employees, or current employees needing to upgrade aging equipment, may choose to use their personally-owned equipment for work. Equipment must follow the security requirements outlined in the CS&S security policy. Employee-owned equipment is not eligible for reimbursement and remains the property of the employee after termination of employment.

Tech support

The company generally does not provide tech support for equipment, whether company-owned or employee-owned.

Computer setup, including standard software packages, is the responsibility of the employee.

Employees are responsible for ensuring they follow practices outlined in the CS&S security policy.


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