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Pathways to Open Science with HBCU Research Teams

Openscapes received an initial grant (18,170) to 1) learn how to lead more inclusive events by working with expert in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI); 2)
lead an Openscapes event series to empower resilient open data science habits, mindsets, and culture for a cohort of science teams; 3) pilot an “open
call” recruitment approach to test if this increases and retains diverse participation.

Openscapes received a second grant (18,227.50) in 2022 to run an virtual event series that aims to mentor environmental science researchers from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in the US, and to strengthen engagement and community around open data science. Building on the organizers’ existing collaborations and teaching experience, HBCU faculty and students will be invited to join three sessions, where they will explore open data science tools, practices, and communities.

Alt text: Logo for "openscapes" which is of an illustration of a meadow of purple flowers that can also be viewed as points on graph paper. "" is written in purple against an orange background
Cohort year:
2022, 2020
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Ileana Fenwick
Julia Lowndes, PhD