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MetaDocencia: Teaching to Teach in Spanish

MetaDocencia is a non-profit organization that nurtures a community of Spanish-speaking educators by teaching concrete, evidence-based, and student-centered educational methods. They collaboratively develop open, reusable, and accessible resources to foster effective training practices. The first grant ($20,000) sought to teach technical skills relevant to open and reproducible research to build capacity in Spanish-speaking Latin America. The second grant ($10,000) expanded MetaDocencia’s efforts to sustain an inclusive and collaborative community of trainers. A series of events was held over 15 weeks, including development of new resources and hosting of training workshops to help Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking educators to incorporate technical skills for teaching open, reproducible and effective lessons.

Cohort year:
2021, 2020
Grant Amount:
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Elio Campitelli
Laura Ación
Project Lead
Nicolás Palopoli
General coordination; advisory committee
Paola Corrales
Yanina Bellini Saibene