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Diversifying Science & Social Studies Teachers’ Data Literacy Skills through Climate & Health

This grant supports a cohort of twenty-four teachers to participate in a Data Literacy Series to gain the tools and knowledge to understand and effectively use data when teaching students about climate change and health. Science or Social Studies teachers who teach 3rd - 12th grade students from minoritized groups, including within a tribal or inner-city school context, will be selected to participate. Pairs of teachers from the same school or district apply and work together, as research indicates that this type of collaboration enables more effective implementation of tools and practices. Topics covered in this series of workshops include learning about types of data, data visualization, pattern identification, variability, statistical thinking, conclusions & inferences, and communicating with data.

Alt text: Photograph of Kristin Hunter-Thomson pointing with a pen to some graphs about CO2 with an engaged listener who is pointing at the same graph
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Kristin Hunter-Thomson