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DataFest Africa

DataFest is an event which aims to create an inclusive space for discussion on all forms of data, including big data, small data, and everything in between. 

The first grant ($15,000) established DataFest Kampala in 2021. The second grant ($10,000) extended the scope of the event to a regional focus, held in a hybrid event format, with in-person activities spanning across multiple cities in Africa. DataFest Africa encourages participation from traditionally marginalized communities, including women, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and those with disabilities. In order to bring a more diverse set of voices to the data science community, the event will additionally invite journalists, human rights activists, communication specialists, government officials, business leaders, students, data analysts, developers, designers, and anybody working with or interested in learning more about data. The program features a broad range of activities, including app demos, lightning talks on big and small data in digital technology, panel discussions, keynote speakers, networking sessions, and more.

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2022, 2020
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Neema Iyer
Gilbert Beyamba