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Colloquium on Bioinformatics Learning, Education and Training (CoBLET)

CoBLET2022 is an international “edu-thon” that aims to provide a platform for experts in the field of bioinformatics learning, education and training (LET) to share innovative tools and practices. The event strives to create a space to cultivate ideas and solutions to bioinformatics LET challenges. This inaugural CoBLET will be hosted by Bezmialem Vakif University, Istanbul, Türkiye in collaboration with the Global Organisation for Bioinformatics Education, Learning, and Training (GOBLET; The four-day Colloquium will provide various avenues to present current matters of interest in the form of keynotes, short-talks, hands-ons, and culminating with an annual general meeting (AGM) of GOBLET, discussing the community progress to-date and the path forward. Towards sustainability, we hope for CoBLET to be adopted as a flagship annual event of GOBLET, centered around its AGM for an expanded, enriching experience, not just for the members of the organization but also to the wider bioinformatics community.

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Ayesha Fatima