REAL ML joins Code for Science and Society!

Code for Science and Society is excited to bring on REAL ML as a partner in its fiscal sponsorship program to collectively advance algorithmic accountability work!

REAL ML (Research, Engagement, Advocacy & Lived Experience in Machine Learning) is a group that empowers and connects a global interdisciplinary community and helps them translate rigorous algorithmic accountability research into impactful interventions that benefit the public interest.

The organization hosts a global network of researchers and practitioners working to document and challenge tech-driven harms from a wide range of perspectives, fields and geographies. From data scientists to policy experts to investigative journalists, REAL ML resources, upskills and sustains its community of practice primarily through events, such as the group’s flagship annual workshop, first hosted in 2019.

REAL ML is the first network of its kind to build bridges and create a shared space to pool expertise and resources in pursuit of algorithmic accountability, beyond the confines of a single organization or institution, discipline or region. Honoring the strength of collective action, REAL ML creates collaborative spaces for mutual growth, learning and peer support.

REAL ML is led by Co-Executive Directors Anna Bacciarelli and Vidushi Marda. They are steered by an Advisory Committee comprising Alix Dunn, Deborah Raji, William Isaac, and Brittany Smith.

Code for Science and Society is excited to be partnering with REAL ML to support their strategic goals and operational needs. REAL ML is a young organization, and the team hopes to now build up organizational infrastructure and sustainability, build out its events and resource program, and grow its diverse, global network.

Co-ED Vidushi Marda said, “REAL ML is excited to work with CS&S as we build out the infrastructure and community needed by those working on algorithmic accountability in the public interest. We recognise diversity as a strength and prioritize a culture of collective action and collaboration. It's taken a (global) village of experts and activists to bring REAL ML to this new era, and we’re excited to continue growing and supporting this village in our work ahead.”

Co-ED Anna Bacciarelli said, “We founded REAL ML to help uncover some of the real impacts of AI and algorithmic technologies on people and communities around the world. What are the long-term, human implications for rolling out powerful, experimental tech in all kinds of settings, and how can we push back on problematic tech and harmful use? Over the past few years we’ve brought together an amazing group of curious, collaborative people working on groundbreaking research to progress these issues through REAL ML events, and I’m delighted we can continue this work and grow the REAL ML community with CS&S.”

REAL ML joins us with generous funding support from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation,  Ford Foundation, Mozilla Foundation, and the Open Society Foundations.