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The Incubator provided a safe and inspiring framework to develop the groundwork for a new governance model.

In 2021-2022, the Incubator hosted 6 projects, grouped in 3 thematic pairs.

  • In the governance focus area, open source projects dependent on volunteer labor worked to build transparent decision-making models that scale with growth.
  • In the community engagement focus area, teams were thinking about how to build in the open; how to engage and retain developers, volunteers, and an interested public; and how to build those audiences into the documentation and governance of their projects.
  • In the cultural infrastructure focus area, teams considered how to build the cultural infrastructure needed to further open science and open software where the exposure to working in the open is minimal or doesn’t exist at all.

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Building Community around the R Development Guide

The R Development Guide is a beginner-friendly guide to help new contributors to the R project. A first draft of this guide exists and the next step of this project is working on outreach and building a sustainable community around it.
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Citation File Format

The Citation File Format (CFF) lets you provide citation metadata for software (or datasets) in plaintext files that are easy to read by both humans and machines. The project develops the open format itself, its definition and schema, as well as documentation and open source tools to work with the format. Recently, several platforms such as GitHub, Zenodo, Zotero, JabRef and others, have implemented support for the Citation File Format.
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Council Data Project

The Council Data Project's mission is to improve public access to municipal legislation. To achieve this, CDP has created a number of open-source tools to collect, index, and enable the discovery of municipal government data – including the transformation of audio-recorded public meetings into high-quality text transcripts.
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Ersilia Open Source Initiative

EOSI’s mission is to lower the barrier of entry to state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning tools for researchers dealing with neglected infectious diseases in low and middle income countries. Our vision is that of a world with open science and egalitarian access to healthcare.
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Open Science Community Saudi Arabia

Open Science Community Saudi Arabia (OSCSA) focuses on installing values, enhancing knowledge, and improving equal access to education.
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Solar Protocol

Solar Protocol is a growing community of server stewards that host servers around the world. The project is part poetic exploration of internet infrastructure and part research platform for energy-efficient web design.
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