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Last updated: Mar 7, 2024

Who This Guidance Applies To If you are an employee of CS&S or hold a Ramp credit card with CS&S, follow these instructions to be reimbursed via Ramp.

If you are a contractor and don't hold a Ramp credit card with CS&S, read on. All reimbursements and payments for services should be sent via invoice.

Payment Methods

CS&S selects payment methods that supports the widest numbers of recipients while also having lower fees. If none of the following payment methods work for you, please get in touch to discuss alternatives.

  • Bank ACH Transfer (preferred & fastest) - An ACH credit to a US bank account is the fastest and preferred method for payments. ACH credits are also generally free for recipients (verify with your bank). ACH transfers are only available to US bank accounts denominated in USD.
  • Wise Transfer (non-USD) - For international payments, CS&S uses Wise for recipients with non-US bank accounts, often denominated in currencies other than USD. Wise uses local bank transfers, specific to each country/region. Please check with your bank if there will be a fee to receive funds via Wise.
    • CS&S is not responsible for any currency fluctuations. By receiving a Wise payment you understand that CS&S will convert USD to your local currency at time of payment. If you would like to receive a fixed amount in your local currency, please invoice in that amount and include the currency on the invoice.
    • Note: We are not permitted to use Wise to send to India and select other countries.
  • International Wire Transfer - A wire transfer to a bank denominated in USD may be used for international transfers where Wise is not permitted. These are sent using the SWIFT network. Wire transfers often have fees associated with them to receive. In addition, intermediary banks may charge fees. CS&S will pay the amount on the invoice and the recipient is responsible for any fees.
  • PayPal - CS&S can send payment through PayPal. All payments through PayPal are considered Commercial Transactions and will have a fee to receive. Because the fee varies, CS&S is unable to include the fee on in addition to payment amount. CS&S will pay the amount on the invoice and the recipient is responsible for any fees.

Payment Fees Note that some payment methods may have fees associated with them as recipient, and CS&S may not be able to avoid or have clarity on what fees will be incurred, as fees may differ by individual bank or country. CS&S will pay the full invoice amount but fees may be charged to receive funds. Please check with your bank or payment provider to verify fees.

Changing payment method or bank account You must notify [email protected] of any changes to payment information before the bill is sent. Please do not include this alongside your bill. If we're not notified of payment changes, payments may be sent to the account on file. Completing an updated wire form is not sufficient notification.


Where to Send Invoices
Once you're set up for receiving payment, email a single PDF to [email protected] (these emails are automatically processed and may not be read). The invoice must include all required invoice fields. Invoices that reference the grant code and additional payment information will ensure payments are processed quickly.

Any specific payment requests or payment method changes should be emailed to [email protected].

How to Prepare Your Invoice
Do not attach multiple files or receipts for a single payment. All documentation should be combined into a single PDF.

For invoices with reimbursements, the first page of the submission should be a cover page that includes the required invoice fields. Supporting documentation and receipts should be attached to the cover page and merged into one single PDF.

Please use the US or ISO 8601 date format.
Please format all dates using either the US (month/date/year) or ISO 8601 (year/month/date) format. Our payment system automatically reads dates based on those standards. Any other date format (including the European standard) will be read incorrectly, and could slow processing time.

Required Invoice Fields

  • Invoice Information
    • Bill amount (required)
    • Date services provided (required)
    • Description of service (suggested)

  • Project/Grant
    • Project name (required)
    • Grant code (suggested)
  • Payee Information
    • Full payee name (required) 
    • Country (required)
    • Full address (required)
  • Payment Instructions
    • Name on bank account (required if name of account owner differs from payee name)
    • Country and currency of account (required if not receiving USD)
    • If you prefer to be paid via PayPal, please indicate that & include email address of PayPal account
Common reasons why an invoice may be rejected
  • Invoice lacks dates of service
  • Invoice lacks Project name
  • Invoice dates of service are outside of contract terms
  • Invoice number is a duplicate of a prior invoice with different dates of service


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