Getting Paid by CS&S

If you hold a Ramp credit card with CS&S, follow these instructions to be reimbursed via Ramp.

If you don't hold a Ramp credit card with CS&S, read on.

Once you're setup for receiving payment, email a single PDF to [email protected]. The invoice should include information on the project and who is billing. Including the grant code and additional payment information will ensure payments are processed quickly.

For invoices with reimbursements or for a reimbursement that has multiple line items, the first page of the submission should be a cover page that includes the fields below. Supporting documentation and receipts should be attached to the cover page and merged into one single PDF.

Please do not attach multiple files or receipts for a single payment. All documentation should be combined into a single PDF. Multiple attachments will be processed as separate bills.

Invoice Information

  • Bill amount (required)
  • Date services provided (required)


  • Project name (required)
  • Grant code (suggested)

Payee Information

  • Country (required)

  • Full address (suggested)

Payment information

  • Name on bank account (required if name of account owner differs)

  • Country and currency of account (suggested if not receiving USD)
  • PayPal (include email address of PayPal account)

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