Reproducibility for Everyone Joins CS&S

We’re excited to welcome Reproducibility for Everyone (R4E) to the CS&S fiscally sponsored projects program! R4E works to advance community-led education by producing accessible workshops that introduce reproducibility concepts to researchers. At the core of R4E is their diverse volunteer network that continues to identify and fill educational gaps for researchers around the world. Volunteers collaborate on and update program curriculum for online and in-person workshops. All workshop materials are published under creative commons and freely available online.

The R4E community envisions that researchers across disciplines can access inclusive and practical educational opportunities to help them develop and sustain open practices. They aim to meet researchers where they are, and sensitize them to the growing number of initiatives to improve research methods and reproducibility. R4E workshops will benefit the larger ecosystem of open tools and practices by orienting researchers at scale to these initiatives, where they can dive deeper and adopt new practices.

Instructor Dr. Ian Manho Li presents at an R4E workshop held at Harvard University, 2018.

Goals and upcoming work

CS&S looks forward to working with R4E with support from The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative that targets integrating reproducibility tools and practices into research. With the CZI grant, R4E will focus on two goals over the next two years: sustainability and scaling. As part of this work we’re pleased to bring on R4E’s first Executive Director, April Clyburne-Sherin. With the aim of sustaining the project, R4E will create an annual circuit of core conferences and recruit sponsors. To scale and reach more scientists, they will design for diversity through governance and equity planning, document processes for easier onboarding and automated reporting, and reach out to new volunteers, new conferences, and new communities.

Goals and upcoming work

Learn more about R4E volunteer’s work in their own words! They recently wrote an article for researchers that introduces them to reproducibility. Learn more by reading their new preprint.

R4E invites you to contribute as an instructor, a content creator, a sponsor, or conference organizer. It is easy to get involved. Join the next R4E community meeting or let them know you wish to be involved by filling out this short form! R4E welcomes you to join them in this exciting new phase of their journey.