NASA open science awards to MetaDocencia, Open Life Science, and 2i2c

NASA is awarding a total of $6.5 million to U.S. institutions for education and training in open science. The premise of open science is that research and the data it generates should be more accessible, inclusive, and transparent for everyone from the scientist and student to the city manager and citizen.

The new training is part of the agency’s Open-Source Science Initiative (OSSI). A key component of the OSSI is the Transform to Open Science (TOPS) project, which helps researchers at NASA and beyond put open science into practice.

CS&S is proud to announce that we will support three TOPS projects this year. Read more about all the awarded projects at NASA’s announcement.

Open science experts Yo Yehudi (Open Life Science) and Laura Acion (MetaDocencia) will lead virtual cohorts that will offer remote learning and community building around open science principles and practices in English and Spanish.

TOPS OpenCore by Embedding Community Values

PI: Yo Yehudi

Ciencia Abierta Accesible: Community-Based Teaching of the TOPS OpenCore Online in Spanish

PI: Laura Acion

James Munroe of 2i2c, will lead a ScienceCore curriculum. This will complement existing training materials and provide information about open science tools and technology for NASA Earth and space science research.

Reproducibly Analyzing Wildfire, Drought, and Flood Risk with NASA Earthdata Cloud

PI: James Munroe

As part of the Year of Open Science, NASA is awarding $2.7 million this year, with a total of $6.5 million over three years. Read more about the projects.

For information about open science at NASA, visit: