Coming soon! Apply to fund your data science event

Later this month, we will release the first request for proposals for the CS&S data science event fund. Through this award, we aim to improve access to open data science practices and tools and support communities in open data science to grow sustainably and inclusively. We will support these communities with grants for virtual events focused on improving or connecting research-driven data science tools, practices, and the communities themselves. Proposals must demonstrate the educational and scientific purposes of the event or conference and specifically how it advances Code for Science and Society’s goal to create inclusive knowledge-sharing spaces and support the development of diverse leaders. We aim to invest in both emerging or established organizations that demonstrate a commitment to making science inclusive and accessible. International applicants are welcome!

Check out the conference fund's website, where you can find information about our governance and planning process, dive into resources for best practices in conference planning and creating a code of conduct, and keep an eye out for the release of the RFP.

Questions can be addressed to [email protected].