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Past event
Wednesday Feb 23, 2022

Coloniality of Digital Infrastructure

How do efforts to sustain and maintain digital infrastructure cover for imperial domination, neocolonialism, and other forms of extractivism?

Past event
Wednesday Jan 19, 2022

Visions of Mutual Power

What kinds of power can do-ocracies build and hold?

Past event
Wednesday Dec 8, 2021

Anti-Oppression Frameworks in Open Source

As open source digital public infrastructure embraces anti-racist, anti-ableist, anti-colonial, and gender-affirming values and commitments, how can project leads critically assess this work and the tools relied on to do it?

Past event
Wednesday Oct 27, 2021

Labor across the Tech Ecosystem

What can efforts to increase the sustainability of digital infrastructure learn from unionizing, whistleblowing, and other organizing among tech workers?

Past event
Tuesday Oct 24, 2023

40 Years of Open

Join us for a sequence of three events exploring the histories, ideologies, and futures of open work.

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